Saturday, January 08, 2005

it's been a long winter already, though i just had a nice break...mostly kids, and family, and giving them all of my attention for a change. it's been very absorbing to get involved in this, and all that goes on here, at work, with my poetry, with various plays and writing, etc., but i pretty much blanked it all out and concentrated on doing jigsaw puzzles.

a plug here for Guitars Between the Rivers, a new cd made by some friends of mine comprised of various southern illinois musicians including my favorites, the Hurd Brothers, may they rest in peace. Follow the links if you want: not only do the proceeds go to the Hurd Bros. scholarship, but they themselves are still the hottest blues in the area: haunting, pure, original. and other folks play on there too. so. illinois is not a bad place, a little off the beaten path. there's more to come. it's available at plaza records or through the site, i suppose, too. go for it.


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