Wednesday, October 27, 2004

it's supposed to be an eclipse of the moon tonight, they showed it on the world series which was playing in st. louis only two hours away. but here it's overcast, there's no moon in sight, or maybe i just got out onto the wide open arena parking lot and it was already too late. low clouds reflecting city lights all over the place. a certain frustration in the air as there are lots of cards fans, though a sizeable minority of cubs fans have become red sox fans. saluki fans are gearing up too. that's the feeling i get from the arena parking lot anyway. back in the office, new weblogs sprouting out all over the place; students telling about music they like, building a community; my writing assistant is enjoying her job but is now on the way to new hampshire where she's buying a car which she got over the internet. people do that these days....reminds me of my ramblin' days...


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