Wednesday, October 10, 2018

it's show your colors month - i've always called it that - and up here on the foggy mountain, the oranges come through the pines and have a nice deep background to glow on. the world is all about football - the baseball players play into the first frost, but by now people have lost their patience - and they want to see some serious pounding out there on the football field. in school lots of the boys hobble around on crutches.

told my friend about the high holy days - which, to me, are in early november - and she asked me why those are such important holidays. mostly because november is, to me, by far the most beautiful month. there is something about saints' day and souls' day that i build the holiday around - i don't care much for hallowe'en, or election day, or any of the rest, but i do like saints' day and souls' day. i don't even celebrate sadie hawkins or guy fawkes, except maybe in cursory way. but saints' day and souls' day, i kind of like. mostly because of the weather.

turns out, different cultures have all different takes on saints' day and souls' day. this is especially true in the southwest, where we have day of the dead, and all the skulls, and that kind of stuff. but other places do to - if they're catholic, something has evolved, and it could be different from place to place, and to me, it was nothing at all for many years, until i figured out that this was absolutely the most beautiful time of year. sometimes, in the north, with halloween came the blustery cold and wind and rain, that meant you had to have longjohns under your costume, but down here in the southwest, it's just simply beautiful, with november's burnt orange and none of the hardship. i love the return of the cold, and find that alone worth celebrating.

i do, ocaasionally, put some thought into all the souls in purgatory. i don't especially think that the catholic annointed ones made it, and some went the other way, or all that stuff. actually i think we're all kind of in suspension, returning to this earth, trying to get better, waiting for certain judgment about where we'll "end up." but most likely we don't end up, we just keep returning to an earth where nothing is really certain.

that's why, when the air clears up, and it gets nice and cold, with a clear blue sky and the promise of winter, and the leaves turn that burnt orange pretty color, after their splashy display, i hear the promise of spring again in the air, just as the world goes asleep. the trees settle in, the snow arrives, the last of the apples fall. i kind of feel the larger wild animals, the bears, the elk, the deer, try to pack it in for the winter, as they know it could be a long one. and they, too, are suspended, up here on the mountain, as the world goes bonkers down below, and hurricanes rage on various coasts, leaving the possibility that the whole darn coast might just go under.

that, then, would be purgatory, and somebody would have to decide what to do with all the souls.


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