Wednesday, November 08, 2017

We lost our Punks today; she got sick and died, and it was
very sad watching her get smaller, sicker, and sadder at the end.
Those of you who knew her knew she had only one eye, no
sinuses to speak of, a snaggle-tooth and a misshapen face, from
when some animal bit off the front of her head, when she was a
small kitten. But I would not want that to define her. She loved
people, especially vets (it was vets, after all, who had saved her
life). She spoke to us freely and let us know how she felt. She
didn't care for other animals much, but did finally make friends
with some of our other pets. She purred and let her engines run
when she knew she was being loved. So, we loved her a lot.
Rest in peace, Punks.


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