Friday, February 21, 2014

i generally make a point to write as little about my children as i can, since their story is theirs, and it's imposed on them, it's not even their choice who is bringing them up, or whether anyone can write about it. and this is even more true (if that's possible) for foster children or those who may come to us by the grace of g-d or the texas child protective services. but i'll break that general rule tonight as i know lots of relatives (who are probably my only readers anymore) are curious about what might happen in the near future.

it's true, there might be two more; they would be girls, and would be 8 & 5 which would make the oldest about half a year younger than our youngest now. they would be #9 and #10 in our family; they would live in the southeast room that has a nice morning light, and looks out over the neighborhood upstairs; the boys have already split the master bedroom and are holed up in their warrens in the bottom floor back. they would arrive as soon as the system would make it possible and that would be soon. we hear a lot about them, but haven't met them yet.

they are right now living in a foster home in lubbock, and that family cannot keep them permanently. they have siblings that have all found permanent homes, but they haven't. they would like to stay together. we will make sure they do.

we would then have four children left at home, two boys, two girls, with one boy & one girl virtually the same age. i am getting used to the idea. it will change things considerably. it is general consensus that it might be too much for us to handle; everyone would agree with this except maybe my wife and the social worker, but i have decided that it's better to try and go forward with it, and do it at all costs, than to live with the consequences of squelching it, or preventing it. i can handle it, though it may make life a little more full. things will be busy and crowded around here. i say, bring it on! somebody needs to be there for the young & homeless, the not-spoken-for. in this case, it will be me.


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