Friday, December 13, 2013

Be a reader

I put this post on my personal weblog because, basically, it is a standing offer to all my friends. It goes like this: If you read what I write, and give me honest feedback on it, good and bad, I will make sure you get a copy of whatever you have read, eventually. My stories right now are produced at CreateSpace and are basically printed on the cheap. You would read the stories in digital form, give me feedback at your convenience, then, I would get a copy to you after it's printed. Interested? email me.

This is what's happening these days: Having produced three volumes of short stories, and a few more, I'm considering making a "best of" collection. Advice on these three volumes alone would help me to compile this volume. It might take a while, but I need the help. This is all in the "short story" department.

But, novels are coming, and so is an ongoing poetry volume, e pluribus haiku...these need readers as well. You can be a reader for one, or for all. Sometimes it may involve making comments before something is published; as of now, what's published is published, and I don't intend on changing much at the moment. That would be available here, more or less. Thanks for reading this; if you're interested, drop me a line.


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