Friday, November 01, 2013

rather than keep private holidays in my head, as i'm accustomed to doing, i've started just telling everyone: these are the high holy days. there are dozens of holidays, and all of them are the best of holidays, because it's such a cool time of year. devil's night, hallowe'en, saints' day, all souls' day, dia de los muertos, election day, sadie hawkins day, guy fawkes day, you name it. they all pile in, as the leaves change and it turns to brownish, cool, reflective winter. definitely the best time of year.

i learn a little about some of these holidays, but mostly i just kick back a little, go outside a lot, try to take in the stunning colors around me. it's really more of the peak of color season here in texas, whereas it was well past the peak up north by the time it got to november. but here there are fewer trees, and you have to go out of your way, a little, to see a truly stunning yellow or red. they are out there, though. it's show your colors month, at its best.

the football fans are camping out, and they can get away with it, because it's so beautiful, it's football weather. my break came around, my day when i teach a little less, and i actually kicked back a little, did some research on the research on international education at tech, tried to collect my thoughts. there's a lot I don't know. with so few internationals, there's almost nobody to ask, either, though i have two classes full of graduate students. i might as well start with them. everyone, it seems, is busy being themselves. young students drinking. young truck drivers squealing tires on the road. cowboys chune tobacker. police out pulling people over. everyone doing their thing. show your colors, that's the rule.

i let my beard grow out for the season; it looks a bit scruffy. my son is getting braces though and is in pain. just thinking about him, makes me want to grow it out in protest, in alignment with his pain. don't shave. set yourself back from culture and its expectations. don't know if this will help me get across 19th street; i doubt it. in fact i think the tire-squealing has increased since i grew it out.

not to say life is dangerous; in fact, i'm doing ok, still alive, breathing this fresh air, ready to start on another project. cleaning up, that'll be my project. the house is a mess. we show our colors, yes, we painted our house pink. but inside, it's evidence of a few too many animals. it is way slovenly, way too comfortable. time, maybe to chip away at the piles. but i'll play a song first, and see if that makes the dogs jump. it's a holiday, holiest of days, time to be still, listen for a leaf crackling out on the yard.


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