Wednesday, February 06, 2013

i've been hanging around twitter for a while; it's like a busy city street with lots of ruffians and people who drive too fast. i almost spoke up when everyone was glorifying chris kyle, this guy who was a sniper in iraq and killed 150 people, then wrote a book about it. in the end, i didn't though, and after i read this i was glad. i don't need people threatening my life just because i'm not crazy about a sniper.

got a little behind, though, on other important stuff. i've been walking and swimming a lot, and totally destroyed a pair of shoes, but also had to keep up with the family and my classes, and the weather has been beautiful here; i have an impulse to just go out and sit in it. but instead i'm glued to twitter, watching the world in a raucous free-for-all, over the ravens, or chris kyle, or whoever. there's no way one could make a difference in this world, though everyone's trying. it's quite incredible. people fill up their tweets with hashtags and send them out to different communities, where people look up everything mentioning the #ravens or #kyle and then they go from there. certain topics are "trending" and then people go there and mix in. it's like a city full of people who are all seeking out trouble...but, in fact, there's a boisterous energy to it too.

out on my walk, stars shine above the park. traffic is busy. lots of runners and dog people. the hoys go for swimming lessons in the evening and we've taken to walking home from school in the beautiful weather. we don't get out of lubbock much. but, it's ok; in spite of it being a city, the air is fresh, the clouds keep changing in the sky, and you never feel especially penned in. super bowl night, the streets were empty, not a soul out there. it gets quiet at night too. that's lucky; i've gotten a bit behind in my work.

found some musicians, though, that was a relief. anything to be able to play a few tunes. they play things fast in west texas; "texas" country is actually just fast country, rockish country. i'm studying it. i'll let you know what i find out.


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