Wednesday, December 12, 2012

so, these buffalo were uncovered in iowa city recently, and oddly enough, they were put there right around the time i first arrived in iowa city, in 1976. i actually arrived in 1975, and it was a time of great urban renewal there; they had torn down clinton street and put up some temporary-type places while they waited to build real buildings. these buffalo were on college street, which i remember well, and which became what was known as the "ped-mall". but when was wells fargo there? that i don't remember. on which building would these buffalo have been painted? i don't know.

now before you accuse me of weaving a hopi-prophesy story along with a mayan-apocalypse or a ped-mall-hall-mall story, i just want to say that these apocalypses really wear me out, i'm wondering how many times the earth has to just end, before we get tired of it. they actually found the painter of these buffalo, and admitted that they were pretty well preserved under that wells-fargo bank all these years, thirty-six to be exact. and they won't last long; they're due to be torn down so that they can build a fourteen-story building...wait a minute. the jefferson building, about six stories, was supposed to be the tallest one in town by fiat, by statute, they weren't supposed to have fourteen-story buildings. what's up with that? are they trying to build a downtown?

our present town has a couple of fourteen-story buildings; they dominate the skyline. one was supposedly damaged by a tornado in 1970, actually bent; they considered tearing it down, or trying to fix it, but they couldn't fix it and it was still basically stable, so they did nothing. the other one, actually, looks more crooked. it's all a matter of perspective.

speaking of which, it is actually now 12-12-12. this, i guess, is a big deal. for me, though, it's after 12. i'm going to bed.


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