Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a good fourteen blocks south of us, our busy road opened its intersection, flint and thirty-fourth, making flint slightly busier or more desirable for those coming from further south, particularly on a bicycle. so i was coming back from the school the other morning and pulling into my driveway, and a woman on a bicycle flagged me down; she was being followed by a friendly dog who wouldn't leave her alone, and she was now but one block from the big corner, flint and nineteenth, which i've come to refer to as the nightmare on nineteenth.

we took the dog, and, eventually, working together with her and her husband, gave it back to her later, for her to find its owner, or find another. when we called the animal control, they admitted that it was basically better that way, keep him out of their hands, save his life. someone would take him; he was a friendly border collie whose owner had put an orange collar on her but no tags.

we've always been in the animal saving business, but now it turns out that a notorious cat house was on our very street, about two blocks away, and was cleaned out what about a month ago. i heard something about this, but couldn't quite place it until today when i ran into this article. a warning about letting the animals get out of hand, while one's human mind becomes more feeble and becomes enslaved to their care. do you think they had to kill all 30? i wouldn't put it past them, and, i might, if in their shoes, do the same anyway. it's always easy to put down the animal control people, but, unless you're in the business of animal control, it's hard to know exactly what would be better than what they're doing.

i've been going through old websites, cleaning up, putting new information up, etc. it will be a long process. i may bring back some of what pop art did for me, back in the pop art era, much of it destroyed by server failure but rescued on my dropbox in the sky. it means, i can pick out what's good. it might look better, now after what, a few years, or it might look worse. first page i'll revive is that of my dad's photography. you can see how this is a rather empty display now that the server crashed;; by the way, nobody ever figured out what happened to that fotopic site; thousands were depending on it, and it disappeared into thin air. such is life and vapor, they make a big deal out of this halloween stuff, but enough of reality is easy-come, easy-go, on to the next world. here's to another puppy, a friendly lad. shared a toy, there, for a little while.


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