Friday, September 16, 2011

so i agreed to take the bicycle off my son's hands, since i had a pump, and could get a new tire more easily, and an inner tube, and whatever it needed, whereas he lived down in the student ghetto and didn't really have the tools. but i took the wheel into walmart hoping to find a new tire, and, upon coming back, noticed that the bolt was gone, presumably lost in walmart somewhere. and they didn't even sell tires; i could only get an inner tube. and now i couldn't even get the wheel back on.

in truevalue thay spent twenty minutes looking for a bolt but couldn't find it, and i got nervous because the chinese food was waiting for me. at work a friend of mine had to be airlifted to st. louis but, as the week wore on, it turned out she was ok. so was my dad, who was put in the hospital yet again, and, i think, is getting tired of that hospital-type experience. it was kind of a somber week, with a deep hard rain coming through and bringing a severe cold front with falling leaves all over the place.

but, after the rain cleared up, i saw the bolt on our own driveway and that saved the bike; i put it back together and returned it. found out that my dear friend survived surgery and will be on her way back. on the bike today, i made a wrong turn and ended up in the hospital parking lot which would seem to be a horribly depressing wrong turn. but in fact the mere fact that i wasn't there visiting loved ones was kind of a relief.

life is tenuous; life is frail; sometimes you have to have faith that the human spirit will prevail and we will survive all the various hardships thrown at us. one is that this depression is claiming a few victims and people are having a hard time just getting by. another is that people we know and work with day by day can just one day be gone, swept up by a helicopter to a better hospital in a better place. and finally, life's schedule can be so grueling that one comes home and can barely do much besides fall on the pillow. i did, however, get a new mac to play with, and it's with that i share some graphic pictures of yours truly, in better times, playing the fiddle. until later...fall is coming, and the pillow calls.


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