Thursday, July 07, 2011

the sun sets very slowly behind us on the north shore, and it casts a glow that turns pink and then blue on the glassy water. actually the water is sometimes choppy but often glassy; it may be enjoying that one time in the year when it’s absolutely, unquestionably summer. we are enjoying it, especially the northern idea that one should spend as much of the summer outside as possible.

i try to talk my wife into moving up here though there are obvious downsides. for one thing it’s very clearly winter country; people put the garage in the house so they don’t have to heat it separately; or, they put the garage near the road so they can snow-shoe to their front door. second, how does one make a living? these artists advertise prolifically but then how much money is there really floating around for the arts, and is that all seasonal, namely, only there in july and december? one can only speculate, and look lustfully at real estate like emily’s café and diner in knife river, empty and for sale, straddling a river coming down from iron country into the lake; one could take this building, for sure, and do all kinds of things with it. my wife wants no part of it, but I indulge my fantasies.

we went to gooseberry today, this being a fine state park in a state which has shut down and thus has locked the exit, the road, and the visitor’s lodge. it seems to tolerate, however, the fact that people are parking a few feet from the exit and walking into the place every day; we tried it, and noticed that the only real difference is that those people now have to ask us for directions, instead of the usual friendly state folks who generally occupy the place. we actually know the place better than most, having been there once or twice. it’s a set of falls, coming down under the highway and into the lake, rust-colored as it comes down out of the iron range. it’s beautiful, and its loud sound of splashing water is good for the soul; the pine forests always smell good. the state seems to be benevolent about the obvious trespassing; i waited for a gentle reminder, but it never came. the day was beautiful and the sky was clear. summer, and i’m outside. life is a miracle, every minute.


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