Saturday, June 04, 2011

so the bank signs have all started putting "heat index" on them instead of "temperature" which has me in a tizzy but seems to be popular with everyone else including my wife. my first problem with it is that it's false advertising. it would be one thing if it said "IT FEELS LIKE 101" instead of "101" (sorry, i have no idea how to make the degrees sign on a blog)...but it doesn't, it just gives you a number. second, although "how it feels" is supposedly based on a calculation that takes into consideration how much the humidity oppresses you, and therefore how much you suffer, it seems to me that by nature "how you feel" is subjective and i know for a fact that some people are lapping it up, hot, sweaty, humid, whatever, feels good to them. so i have a dispute with calling it "how it feels" although i'm ok with calling it "heat index." but, one more thing, if that's how you feel, why do you need a sign to tell you how you feel? seems to me, if one of the two numbers was available by opening the car window, and the other one, you had to know, then the bank should be giving you the one you have to know. because that would be useful information. i guess one idea is that, if the bank can allow you to drive by without opening your window, they've done you a favor.

got some pictures up, finally. got the splitrock lighthouse up, finally; it's my totem, my life support, for my own good. a lot of things on this blog, probably, no good to anyone but myself. but thank you for catching it anyway...


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