Wednesday, October 14, 2009

exhaustion sets in; i'm trying to get something useful for arequipa reading teachers; at the same time, trying to lure them online where we can stay in touch, and i can continue to provide whatever help i can offer. in some ways, maybe i'm not cut out to be a reading teacher's teacher-trainer; it gives me a headache, teaching so much reading, and at the same time being required to read so much. at the same time, i'm trying to keep the workshop blog current; this will show you that we are getting on edmodo and getting around a little. i could tweet; i could facebook it; instead, i sit here, under the volcano, and edmodo.

there was an earthquake june 21, 2001 here. a nearby volcano blew; our three didn't. our three are misty, picchu picchu (mountain mountain) and a third the name of which i forget. misty and the other are married. one has huge snow on it. behind them, more snow; it's really cold if you cross them. nobody does it. the roads outside of town are difficult; people don't go to the coast this time of year. the weather is stunning. it's an old, beautiful, well-kept, well-painted city; lots of old cars in good condition, on narrow stone roads. wild traffic; the order is difficult to discern. if you push out first, you're there & they can't hit you. yet.

there was an earthquake/volcano in 1867 or something too. lots of earthquakes, and plenty of volcanos too. in 1995 a volcano melted enough snow for them to find juanita. aren't you afraid, living under this huge thing? no, not really, they say. if it rumbles a lot, that's actually good. that way it doesn't blow altogether.

no e-mail. can't relate to fb. have homework, & my head is pounding. but the weather is fantastic, and again, i got out into it; i saw the sky, the city, the helado, another white jesus, a huge watchtower, more brick narrow one-way streets; fields way below, and the big volcanos as usual way above, mist and dust clouding them just a bit.

the other night i heard a rumble. but then, i'm in the city. one hears rumbles in the city. live with it; it's probably a truck. if the earth settles, now that's a real rumble, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, or, fly over it.

the baby is coming friday, they say here; the doctor has gone to lima, leaving me with his wife, who speaks no english, but is a wonderful hostess. i leave friday, 4 am. they are working with the airline so that i get a window seat this time. i need to see the andes some more. i need to reflect a little, on my way out, before i fall asleep, big time.


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