Sunday, March 29, 2009

came back from denver last night late; had two presentations on saturday so was dressed up for the long flight back. denver had had a crippling snowstorm from the moment i was there, but was sunny on the day i left; in st. louis it was raining and cold as that same storm was coming through, but arrived at home to a very busy life, with a hole going into our ceiling and my wife leaving soon on another presentation. so, dear reader, things have been scarce, but i do offer you some tidbit clips from the trip.

the first bart driver offered me a horrible story of an accident in our own hometown, but took us the long way around, where i saw, believe it or not, a sign promising "a seven wonder of illinois"...i couldn't imagine what it was. illinois looked bleak, and so did st. louis, which is full of beautiful old architecture, but was looking pretty bombed out even in the sun. high over eastern colorado, we looked down on miles and miles of dusty plain, at one point seeing a tiny green road sign way below and a car maybe every three or four miles. after landing in denver the blizzard started right away- blinding snow and very wet, lasting a couple of days. one guy made a snow angel outside of the convention center, but most of us just tried to get around, not having dressed so well. we saw the prettiest part of downtown, but all in a blizzard; it went on and on. one night, went out with webheads to an italian place; ate with people from montreal, uae, argentina, georgia, california, vermont, greece. another night went to a friend's house to have a korean dinner with his family and a brazilian guest who is living in mexico. finally, on the way home yesterday, stopped at a place called "tom's diner" to have a denver omelette. colfax avenue, where we stayed, was the wildest of the city, kind of out there even in a raging blizzard.

so it was; flying back over eastern colorado, it was all snow in the high plains, much lighter and airier. i was exhausted; another convention, this one again, memorable. next year, boston. if you only go to one city per year, it has to be good.


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