Saturday, November 08, 2008

been making pop art feverishly, or really what they'd call poster art, using the poster function to make the picture more vague, at the same time drawing attention to the contrasts & lines. in the process, have let go, temporarily, of serious writing, haiku, & other stuff. i do mostly university- kamakura garden, statues & sculptures, faner, etc. i'll show some; i'll show it all eventually. i need more sites called exposure! posterize! saturate! as i'm no longer really into sharpen! or write! but i have a cleaner system too: i'm dealing entirely with my own photos now. i actually go out and take them. and, much to my surprise, it's easy to take this digital camera home, download the photos, and just use it again. when i was growing up, you had to buy film- major stumbling block.

this is one blog that won't get caught up in the political, but i do need to say this: part of my job really is to stand up and represent the usa every single day. i hear a lot of "what's up with the bad public transportation?", "why does everyone stay home on sundays and holidays?", and "what's up with the fast food?"; answering such questions is really basic interpretation of our culture at the front lines. and from that point of view the last eight years have been tough, kind of like a tour guide slowly watching his city being sold down the river, right as he is showing it to people, every day. but, i also asked my students what they thought of the election; i was proud of their responses. the usa came through; maybe only in the usa, could this have happened so suddenly, so dramatically. to them it was amazing that we did it ourselves. that a government will change dramatically and peacefully. and that people shouted and danced in the street at the outcome.

so we changed governments on tuesday, and now it's saturday. i'm exhausted. homework undone, garage uncleaned, about to fall asleep: i leave you pictures, above. have a good fall...


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