Monday, September 29, 2008

late sunday night, or rather monday morning, before a busy week of work, i'm tapping away at a laptop as the six-year-old sleeps on the couch across the room. i've been entering old haiku, scrawled out and carried around in my pocket, for weeks, for months maybe, and now finally put on its web home so i can throw away the scraps, lighten my load. slowly this project is coming together: i've got all fifty states now, but need a few for each season for each state; some states have unrepresented seasons; most need lots more. the seasons, all linked from their kigo (season word); the state-maps linked from their location clues; both are designed to be a kind of hyper-link subconscious. every haiku has both season and location, location giving us clues and atmosphere that we'd have to guess at otherwise. a kind of north american innovation, one could say.

it brings up a number of other projects, continuous and on hold at the same time. it's play season; another play is about to come out of the closet and be performed, this one in early november, the best time of year, imho. a holiday season. this play, about the interfaith itself; people have seen it, but it hasn't been performed.

my music, steadily improving, but not on the web, to speak of; still, i'm feeling good about it.

my pop art, computer-based, spread onto several sites, some just for siuc, some in other places. for example, quaker pop, which has entirely taken over the site of my plays, but which brings up lots of mixed feelings in me. this pop is generally just pictures taken from here and there, not exactly an ethical practice, though i'm not selling them or anything. pop is a shallow, surface-based appeal to color-splashed impression; as i read a little about it, and about andy warhol, i want to work out some of these issues. to that end i've started a site just to talk about it. thought i'd finish designing it, put a template on it, maybe put some pop art on it, and advertise it, but haven't got around to any of that. also, want to collect andy warhol links and quotes and pop art information in general. why? because it's there. because my pocket is too full; i have some andy warhol criticism, i've been carrying it around also, for months.

it's a wonder i can ever find my keys, got so much junk in my pockets. and the heck of it is, i'm not even doing my big one, which would be the novel, incubating now for years. a story occasionally, yes. big plans to print & publish, yes. professional writing, yes, some of that also. but the stuff i'm still waiting for the time to do is staggering. if i can load & publish a haiku, slip it in, link it, put the state in order, more or less, it's a little like bringing musty novels in from the garage to dry out over the winter. use it, or forget it; put it online, or forget about it altogether. these blogs are my gardens, many going to seed and becoming weed patches in front of my eyes. have to do something about that, and that's what pop is for: to be like a songbird, to the web through-hiker, to sing out, maybe, and make a world, a world of gardens, where everything makes its own kind of sense. g'night.


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