Saturday, August 02, 2008

a lot going on, a lot to say, but the work weblog has gone totally mute- in protest i might add- more about that later- and this one filling up a little with pop art. other pop art is going on the quaker blog, the pop gallery, or the siu pop art collection; why spread it out? no reason, but things being as they are, it's about all i can do late at night.

but before i bore you to tears with my rant about how i grade at night 'til i fall asleep, bring mountains of grading home over the weekend, and angrily admit that i have to devalue the writing curriculum to, in essence, do what everyone else does, i.e. smile and stop giving homework, i'll tell you what i'd rather be doing, at least if i could read in my free time.

brother, can you spare a billion? -ethan zuckerman's scary story about inflation in zimbabwe

joi ito's freesouls project- which i don't totally understand...

principle wanted- mine- this is truly the writing project i'd like to be working on, and in fact think about it, sometimes, when i'm not thoroughly occupied with other things. i'd like to tell you about it, and, in fact, that would be on the work weblog, but i've been so tied up, i've become unable to post anything there- so i've just decided to let it go. let them come here, if they really want, or, better, just read it, as it slowly pulls together, and, as i should get some time off in about a week- maybe it'll see some organization.

more on all of this stuff a.s.a.p....back to grading for now (sat. night!!!) as, you have to do this stuff, some of it anyway, while the kids are asleep. here's more student-pop. maybe i'll organize this someday also. it is, after all, about them- why i stay up; why i get mad; why i'm beat, at the moment.

happy birthday, btw- to jen; to peggy; to an old friend, p.v., from crystal drive in mt. lebanon. didn't think i'd remember, maybe, but i did. yes, it's hot here, but the earth is turning, and that's good....take care all.


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