Wednesday, April 09, 2008

being too busy to blog started way back when the roof leaked on the piano and computer, forcing us to move everything back into the rest of the house, and call in Larry and the workers who ultimately tore out the walls in the center too, strengthening the house to move it on up into what will be an upper floor. this will cause all kinds of general havoc but part of this means, it just might be hard to blog late.

a sociology conference, high above busch stadium in st. louis, looking down on the stadium in the rain about a week before the season opened, with a trip to city museum, one of my favorite places- was followed by the big tesol, my conference, in new york city, where i visited my sister who is making a fantastic cd, and checked in with all my old friends. so much to report, i can hardly begin, but the high points include a return flight through miami, the plane circling high above the harbor and the statue of liberty, a long walk down the entire avenue of the americas, ice skating in central park, a free trip to the moma, a mariachi band on the n train to queens, and a host of experiences in times square, astoria, the lower village, midtown hotel district, and the airports, in short, everywhere i went. i'll try to blog it all, but can't promise anything. rube goes to big city, i'll call it, since it was fairly obvious by my stretched neck that i wasn't a local. yet everything went well. i'm home, way behind on everything, and have some big birthdays to watch out for. april rocks...happy birthday everyone!


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