Monday, September 17, 2007

had the pleasure of playing on stage with brian kelso crow, a well-known local irish musician, and randy auxier, another, so, it could be said to be the high point of my musical career. in case i die in a car crash tomorrow, let it be known that i've also played with dave lynch, joe kristan, eric andrus, mary ellen durfee, tom hensold and lisa zee, as well as my present band consisting of candy davis, joel aud and jen friend aud. a motley crew, but, it makes for a colorful resume, and, as i told brian, i'll be bragging about it all my life. the last six horsehairs on my bow gave out when i not only forgot to loosen it, but also left it on stage, to be brought home by candy and only returned to me today. some poor horse will now sacrifice his/her hairs, but, on balance, it's all for a good cause, as was the concert.

i'm back to work on the wal-mart series, if only because i'd like to get twelve printed in time for the holidays, and also because my class is again studying w-m as a cultural icon. they're doing surveys (two)- which should be interesting- there's also one on starbucks, and one on guns & crime (will provide url's later)...and, i might get some material out of it. only need two more stories to make a twelve-pack- one for each month- but i could in fact stop at ten, and have a pretty decent book, if only i could take some time, read what i've made, and brush it up. but time has been a precious commodity lately. it's midterm week, and, i'm not sleeping so much. should have one for you soon, anyway, i promise.


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