Monday, June 25, 2007

spent the weekend slogging through research papers, about twenty-five of them, on various topics but mostly the pacific ocean and arizona, and most of which you may be able to read shortly. but took a break in that at least once, besides trying to give the family badly-needed attention- had a gig at the yellow-moon cafe, went to a kid's birthday party, and wrote a little, on this very blog (below)....

the sky opened up on the kid's birthday of those wild, midsummer violent thunder-boomers where the weather comes over and dumps sheets on everyone- unable to control corey, we kind of got out of there just in time...this was something i'm sure that kid will never forget. at the yellow-moon, candy and i were joined onstage by the blackberry blossoms, an old band in the area, i guess; i don't know much about them, but will give a report if i find it. and, of the blogging below, i can only say, a complete collection is here, but is still not quite organized, or complete. lots to go, more to say...too busy, even, to fix the bikes.


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