Thursday, May 25, 2006

got a little steamy around here, an abrupt end to a cool and wet spring...everything is very green and rainforesty. I like to say that our two kinds of days are hot tub and sauna - from now until about october. my wife is right that the best defense is probably to lose weight.

i've got new students- one from ecuador, a number that i've already had before, a good group. teaching newstalk- a class based totally on reality, and in my own design. i make headline exercises about all nature of things. coming home, i find my one-year old learning to walk and my four-year-old hocking me to make a "no girls allowed" clubhouse. i'm not complaining. my stepdaughter is on a murder-trial jury; a deer is attacking people over by campus lake; memories are washing over me. we're trying to sell our house. but i'm resisting living between a highway and a flood. it's not me that wants to move; in my own '68 ford kind of way, i do all the moving i can handle just as it is. but i'll go with it, as long as it works out, and it looks like we'll go 'cross-town somewhere, but not too far, still deep in southern illinois, land-a-linkin' - home of memorial day, home of the hurd brothers & paul simon, god rest their souls. life goes on - my band leader is on her way to a folk festival in texas- if i had my druthers though, i'd be going to the one in winnipeg...


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