Friday, October 21, 2005

Harold Pinter, playwrite, has won the Nobel Prize....hmmmmm....


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That was kind of my reaction, "hmmmmm," plus or minus an m or two.
Which reminds me of something I noticed on the NetFlix website (we received a gift of a subscription to NetFlix, but personally, I'm not much anymore for "all-you-can-eat" buffets--or all-you-can-see movies): When I perused movies that were listed with professional reviews (Ebert, Turan (sp.?), and so on), I saw that pretty consistently the reviewers gave better ratings to the movies than the viewing public. Reviews there are rated with stars--5 being the highest rating.
I once went to a movie theatre to see a film raved about on NPR by Turan (sp.?) of the L.A. Times, and I thought, when I saw the movie, "what a crock." I won't go into details here, about it.
I was happy and proud that an author of ours (of The Spirit That Moves Us Press) won the Nobel Prize in 1984 (Jaroslav Seifert, for literature--poetry), but truthfully, although I like Seifert's poetry, and love the courageous and true man, I like the poetry of someone else whose book I published--Chuck Miller, his HOW IN THE MORNING--much more than the one I published of Seifert's (THE CASTING OF BELLS).

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